“I enjoyed very much meeting and interviewing Gabor. It is always really inspiring to meet someone who has had such a challenging path and in spite of so many obstacles is able to find peace and wisdom and finally start to rest in the ground of being. I felt that with Gabor." Iain McNay, Conscious.TV

Gabor's greatest gift is the ability to awaken within another the recognition of one's original being. He hold the space of presence for the initiate and keeps him/her in that sacred space, while shielding and warding off the persistent and habitual attacks of the mind's resistance.  

Gabor Harsanyi - HungarianMaster of Silence

Spiritual Awakening

Initiation and intergration coaching

“When I had the privilege to look into Gabor’s eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional Love. No story, no judgement, just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness.” Stefan Hiene, author, spiritual mentor & coach