About Gabor

Gabor is a simple immigrant who nearly lost his life escaping from communist Hungary at the age of 18. He arrived in Canada with a single minded and insatiable thirst and hunger for his first love - power & material wealth. At the age of 30 he already had a black belt in Hap-Kido and was a multi-millionaire, but lo and behold, he wasn't the least bit happy.

And so, Gabor turned to his 2nd love - spirituality. He resided with and was initiated by a Shaman in Ecuador, lived in a forest in the U.S. while attending Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, studied with teachers such as Burt Harding and Bob Proctor, and took a gazillion and one new age seminars - all of which served as soul searching pacifiers with an occasional glimmer of "What a great experience. If only I could hang on to it."

Finally, at the age of 40, Gabor found his true Master — suffering. His suffering came in the forms of heartbreak, the loss his entire fortune and suicidal depression. Through the grace of this newfound master, Gabor was now able to surrender to his 3rd and ultimate love — Presence, the silence of nothing, where the capitulated mind takes a back seat and becomes the servant, and the Original Being is once again seated on the throne!

Gabor is a awakening coach who initiates people allowing them to re-discover, re-cognize and BE their original self, thus becoming free of the control of their minds.

More about Gabor's life, realizations and teachings can be found in Nurit's book - "The Blind Leading the Blonde on the Road to Freedom." Click the blue button bellow to order.