"It was very focused and all the questions that I had were addressed. The teaching was very straightforward inconsistent and not complicated and I am looking forward to putting the training into practice and to get continued support from Gabor and Nurit. The course had very useful content and concepts in helping to understand what was necessary in order to move forward such as the Smart wheel and the steps." BM 

On October 18, 2015, Gabor was the keynote speaker at "The Soul" International Conference in Budapest, Hungary

​​Future Events

Gabor was interviewed on Conscious TV in February 2016. Click on the picture bellow to watch the interview.

On November 2014 and on January 2015 

Gabor lectured in Kiskunhalas, Hungary

"Very very useful and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to putting the very practical techniques we learned into practice. Gabor is a very knowledgeable and accessible guide. Totally genuine and sincere. I finally found my teacher! Thank you so much for organising this wonderful event." LB

"Excellent- finally got beyond mere intellectual understanding to the practical. Gave underpinning understanding of how and why awakening can happen linking this to the physiological process involved." LO

From Jan thru June 2015 Gabor held bi-weekly classes at the Music Theatre downtown Budapest, Hungary

Recent Events

What People Say about the Apr Intensive in London!

Gabor was interviewed on "Tea Gloriaval"  - Hungarian TV

"It was really a jump into moment to moment. It took away the difficulty of the practice and simplified it. The exercises helped me to understand and put into practice the technique without anxiety. Gabor’s presence was invaluable. It was a wonderful experience." YM

"Stunningly Effective!" BC

From March thru Nov 2015 Gabor taught an eight months course in Tatabanya, Hungary

On May 2, 2016, Gabor lectured and held a discussion at the Budapest International Oncology Institute.