~ "Recently, on 'Quotes of Silence", I opened to Ramana and he said, (paraphrase) to cancel all outer seeing and remain in the inner.  The way he expressed it made a great impression on me and I proceeded to try and do this.  However, living in the West this kind of thinking is not amenable. So, I learned to re-proportion my attention.  Your teaching, in our jet-lag society, makes a great deal more sense.  I can watch TV and  re-proportion my attention inside without losing content of what I am watching.  I am so grateful to you for making this available to us.  It is very easy to do this.  In fact I am writing this while being aware of what is going on inside; aware of my backside touching the chair, awareness of the energy field inside. I watched Iain McNay's interviews with Nurit and Martyn Wilson and thoroughly enjoyed listening to my teacher bring us inside again and there is much gratitude to That for leading me to you.  Gratitude also to those people who interview the Lights of Understanding who bring such beautiful knowledge to the forefront for others to benefit.  Nurit, your beauty shines from within.  So happy for you.  You have realized what I too have been looking for, for so many years and at this stage of my life I am just beginning to Self-Realize and I am happy too."

~ "16 years after my Night of the Soul my “inner guidance” randomly led me to your (Gabor’s) recent interview with Jerry Katz and bingo! I realized my “no-time” experience (in fact, all my other awakening experiences were all in “time/space”) and all the “bells rang in my heart” when you spoke of what you shared with your students about the next step, which is about anchoring it in the body."

~ "I went to silentroargh.wordpress.com and watched the video where you (Nurit) ask Gabor to demonstrate "going within". (Referring to "Functional Silence" YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g4luu31p0I ) I didn't have any expectations and didn't hear a lot of what he was saying because I dropped into a familiar place. I discovered if I put all images aside and just feel my big toe tingling, I was in what I called no-space. It didn't last long but I felt connected to myself without content."

~ "Immediately gazing into Gabor's eyes, it began to happen! (Jeez, I am shaky and weeping again just to remember.) What happened after the peaceful place was a very familiar sort of heart-breaking in my chest. The more I looked into his eyes, the bigger the heart-break. I have no other words to use. I was not sad, just an intense "something" was happening and there were so many tears that I could not see his eyes clearly but I kept looking anyway. I don't know what that was and just writing about it, starts it all over again in my gut and heart area. It’s familiar but very very new."

~ "It's funny, Nurit, I don't recall to much of what Gabor said, but the reverberations are still echoing in my being and are shouting "I'm coming Home at last!" I have in the last 5-6 years, since leaving the so-called "spiritual world," felt I was being led from within. BUT, this is something else and explains why so much magic and miracles seem to happen in what I call Flow. I think I was destined to meet you and Gabor for this amazing certainty. I indeed have been homeward bound for a very very long time, and when he said something about Jesus what said ("The Kingdom of God is Within"), that was it for me. I knew inside that what he said was happening, just watching this video you and Gabor did together. Isn't it thrilling more and more people are ready for you and Gabor's gifts to us!"

“When I had the privilege to look into Gabor’s eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional Love. No story, no judgement, just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness.” Stefan Hiene, author, spiritual mentor & coach

“Gabor’s guidance did not feed my spiritual intellect… it rather it deepened my connection with my own universal essence (God).” 

Attila Hack, Hotel Manager 

Gabor's Impact

"After nearly 40 years of spiritual seeking and studying with several Guru’s and teachers I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Why and I still searching? If Truth is supposed to be simple and inside, why am I not getting it?” It was only after meeting Gabor who guided me into the “No-Thought Presence” that the realization dawn on me that all my previous pursuits were none other than a mind with an ego attempting to become enlightened. Being initiated by Gabor I was finally able to step out of the thinking mind and became Present."

Nurit Oren, author, transformation coach