- "I am so thrilled to have found you both on this path – you both have touched my heart deeply and I really thank you for these courses!!!!  I am very committed to working with you on this journey and appreciate your guidance! As with the first session, the last session was very powerful, sincere and deeply moving encounter that reverberates still! I feel as if there is space opening, less constriction within (if this makes any sense).  Gabor, your sincerity, deep authenticity and love in speaking creates such a safe place to open to and relax into. Your pointing gets directly to the point and shows us the possibility of living from this level.

The last session has brought a deepening feeling to going into the inner body. Still contemplating and listening to the difference between mind calm and Being calm and the ability to ‘be’ and shift context and not content. This is new for me and it feels so important.  There is also a beautiful synergy with your book and it works well to reinforce what you’re pointing to in our classes.

Also – WOW - Gabor’s Momentary Optimum ‘MO’ has opened a new freedom and lightening of living and seeing the world. By allowing each moment to be designed and responded to by Love, we can simply relax, go into Being and let events unfold. Gabor has given us a key that allows us to be okay with doing the best that we can in each given moment - even when our mind says we could have down better.  We know that the key is to keep on going into Being/inner body, relaxing, embracing what comes, continuing to do our best with this moment and this moment and so on and so on.  Each momentary optimum is as it is and as we continue with inviting our practice into our everyday life we will continue to open and go deeper into Love.

Deeply appreciated is Nurit’s suggestion of using the Excel format for regular and irregular activities and especially the catalyst triggers.  I have made a detailed list and combine this with setting intentions & th "eye blink" exercise that Gabor demonstrated.  I also continue to stop throughout the day, just to BE.  It is amazing how beautifully this works in bringing the practice more easily into daily activities.  It has also opened flashes of where I’ve experienced spontaneous connections even with strangers in stores – it shows such a possibility of a new life reality!"

- “I love the visuals and find it very useful to listen to the class again and be able to make notes, just like I do with my individual sessions. The charts for recording when and during what activity you practice are really smart. I found it motivating to remember all the ways and times I can practice. It seems like I sometimes get complacent about practicing, my mind’s attitude being “We got this. Not to worry. We’re good.”

- “The metaphor about the flea trying to characterize an elephant is brilliant. And the answer Gabor gave to Maria about when we activate the context reality, we are still able to think like before, except that the
thinking is now free of fear—that was so clear and simply put. These two together reinforced for me the trap of staying with any one explanation for too long—how words will never accurately describe the experience and are less useful for describing future experiences, and if we hang onto an explanation, we’re just trying to re-create the past.”

- “I came away from the last session feeling wonderful and truly connected for the first time! I can now see where I tend to get stuck. It was a relief for the mind that has been troubling me on the path for so long.”

- “My thanks to Gabor for this course! Since I interacted with Gabor for the first time, I have consistently had the confident feeling that he is truly anchored in the reality pointed to in the past by spiritual luminaries such as Ramana Maharshi and by founders of religions such as Buddha and Jesus. Having the opportunity to interact with Gabor closely is a blessing. Gabor's unassuming, friendly and generous attitude toward us as he guides everybody along the (apparent) spiritual path that we are treading is very reassuring.”

- “Much appreciated is the loving sincerity of these sessions and I’ve experienced a deepening and a flow that I’ve never experienced before.  A trust has continued to develop and expand with you, Gabor, and the teaching that brings a new level of understanding.  Gabor has the ability to cut through the fog to the essence of simplicity. I have received many amazing insights during this course and when I got momentary optimum – it was a huge opening and freedom and seemed to bypass the concepts."

- “Although I only encountered you on 3rd February (not a lot of linear time) there is a feeling of connection that goes well beyond anything that words can describe. I am continuing with integrating your pointers and practices. Also included in my practice is the watching of your videos & previous classes as each momentary optimum is always new and I hear things in a completely new way.”