Awakening with Gabor

Featuring the teachings of Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi,
that guide us to the realization of our own consciousness
by awakening the inner power of freedom,
joy, peace and authentic non-dual reality.

This teaching imparts practical, simple and result oriented practices to integrate presence and stillness into everyday living,
thus putting an end to pain and suffering caused by anxiety, excessive thinking, unwanted spiritual concepts,
boring meditation and false promises of enlightenment.

This is your birthright! Claim it Now!

This teaching is made available by Gabor and his partner & author,
Nurit Oren, through books, satsangs, videos and courses.

Meet Gabor

Gabor Harsanyi is an awakening coach who frees people from thought addiction, allowing consciousness to awaken and to become the real guide. He is the author of Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the spiritually exhausted. In Hungary he is known as a Master of Silence and was invited to be the key note speaker at the "Soul" International Conference in Budapest.

Gabor nearly lost his life escaping from communist Hungary at the age of 18. He arrived in Canada with a single minded and insatiable thirst for his first love – power and material wealth. At the age of 30 he was already a multi-millionaire, had his black belt in Hap-Kido, and had degrees in business and engineering. However, he was not at all happy.

And so, Gabor turned to his 2nd love – spirituality.






A four-level course for those who are serious about awakening and wish to be on a fast track program to awakening and mastery and to create a better and more enlightened life.

A road map for a quick and effortless pathless path to awakening.

The current course is already passed due for new participants. A new course will start in 2020... date to be announced soon.

However, if you wish to join the current course, please write to Nurit at and it will be decided on an individual basis.


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- "Gabor, your sincerity, deep authenticity and love in speaking creates such a safe place to open to and relax into. Your pointings get directly to the point and show us the possibility of living from this level. I am so thrilled to have found you on this path – you have touched my heart deeply and I really thank you for these courses!!!!  I am very committed to working with you on this journey and appreciate your guidance! The sessions are very powerful, sincere and deeply moving encounters that reverberate still! I feel as if there is space opening, less constriction within (if this makes any sense). There is also a beautiful synergy with your book and it works well to reinforce what you’re pointing to in our classes.

- "Gabor has given us a key that allows us to be okay with doing the best that we can in each given moment - even when our mind says we could have down better.  We know that the key is to keep on going into Being/inner body, relaxing, embracing what comes, continuing to do our best with this moment and this moment and so on and so on.  Each momentary optimum is as it is and as we continue with inviting our practice into our everyday life we will continue to open and go deeper into Love." Carolyn



PRIVATE SESSIONS - Gabor offers online private session globally and in person in Budapest. To book a private session with Gabor please write to

The initiation into presence with Gabor is partially an intellectual explanation and partially a practical application, with the specific purpose of extricating you from the complexity and busyness of your mind and introducing you to the essential nature of simplicity so that you may have a taste of your own presence.

The intellectual portion is where Gabor points out the seemingly important pieces of information, actions and beliefs that are blocking your progress towards awakening. On the practical side, he will be present with you, guide you into that space in which you are present as well, and hold you there as your inner being begins to recognize itself. Once the fundamental necessity of simplicity is understood and gotten, then the customized interactive work with Gabor begins, where he helps to protect you against the mind’s attacks.

Books: Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted by Gabor Harsanyi with co-author Nurit Oren

"This book is a goldmine of liberating hints and is a must read for anyone who is searching for guidance in this jungle of misleading information. I am simply delighted, I find the expressions and metaphors beautifully enlightening and simply helpful to anyone who wishes to escape from the slavery that we have been conditioned to believe to be freedom. I am overwhelmed by the beauty, clarity and thoroughness of this work. In short, I have not read anything in this book thot I could not sign. In love, Samarpan"

Satsang Teacher, Public Speaker

"Stunningly effective! This is a 'God-Book' that should be read several times.”

Bill Cael
International Teacher and Healer, Founder of Soundbody Int.


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Ez egy felébredési kézikönyv, amelynek gyakorlatias, felszabadító és ébresztő hatású útmutatásai kiváló iránytűként szolgálhatnak azok számára, akik eltévedtek a spiritualitás labirintusaiban, és a HAZAutat keresik. Abból a nézőpontból készült, hogy a megvilágosodás nem csak néhány „kiválasztott” számára lehetséges, hanem minden egyes ember születési előjoga.

Harsányi Gabor és Nurit Oren szeretettel várja a könyv iránt érdeklődőket szeptember 22-en 11 órától 13 óráig az ALLEE Pláza második emeletén a Costa Caféban.

Költsége (HUF):
Könyv ára 4500 HUF + Szállítási és kezelési 1000 HUF

Költsége (Euro):
Könyv ára 14 Euro + Szállítási és kezelési 4.5 Euro

The Feminine Principle: The Key to Awakening for Men and Women

This book is a guide for men and women on using the feminine-like nature we all have for the final stages of awakening. Nurit has a way of bringing the reader into the depth of what she herself has realized. She offers insights into her own journey of discovery to provide guidance for seekers that are trapped in the repetitious cycle of the Mind and who wish to transcend to a new level of being. She also includes excepts from the Satsangs, lectures and interviews of Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi.

The book offers wisdom of the sort that comes out of real life experience, demonstrating that understanding is available to us at whatever level one is willing to take it in. It gets into the nitty-gritty of accessing the feminine principle, and clearly points out how imperative it is to activate this principle if we wish to reach our full potential and awaken on a personal as well as global level.

Here we find a delightful balance of all the ingredients that make for a good read, including the lighter side. At the same time, the reader is halted, spellbound, wishing to savor a certain passage that conveys and contains rich texture, nuance, and depth to it.


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Books: The Blind Leading the Blonde: Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Junkie by Nurit Oren

“Nurit’s book conveys such an important message. Everyone should read it. Immediately after reading it, I invited Nurit to be one of the 17 speakers at the “Soul Conference” in Budapest, in October 2015.

“This book is the story of Nurit’s 40 years of intense spiritual seeking in several countries and with many teachers; the mistakes, the pitfalls and the elusive bliss along the way and, finally, spiritual finding and truths revealed! She holds nothing back. Her entire life is packed into those pages, including how her life changed forever after meeting Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi. Since Nurit’s book depicts such a clear understanding and perception of Gabor’s teachings, I have requested Gabor to be the Keynote speaker at this conference.”

Dr. Eva Pap
Conference Director and Organizer


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Meet Nurit

Nurit Oren is an award winning public speaker, who recently spoke at the "Soul" International Conference in Budapest. She is the author of “The Blind Leading the Blonde on the Road to Freedom: Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Junkie” and “The Feminine Principle: The Key to Awakening for Men and Women,” both of which include many of Gabor Harsanyi's teachings and wisdom, as well as many experiences that Nurit has had during her long journey culminating in awakening.

Nurit is also the co-author of Gabor Harsanyi’s book “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted.” She manages Gabor’s activities and programs and also interviews awakened beings and spiritual leaders from all over the world.

As a Certified Art of Transformation Guide, Nurit has helped countless individuals from all walks of life make life-changing decisions from the heart, by creating a safe space for inner wisdom and courage to guide them in the direction that is right for them, and free them from being stuck in unwanted situations.

Practice Support with Nurit

Nurit will be hosting bi-weekly one-hour online "Practice Support" sessions for anyone who wishes to enhance his/her practice. We will be practicing speaking and listening from the activated platform, sharing what we have gleaned from our practice and clarifying any questions that come up.  These session are for those who have been taking Gabor's courses or have had private sessions with him. 

The first session will take place on Saturday, October 26, at 6pm Budapest time; 5 pm UK time; 9 am PST; 12 pm NY time. 


“I enjoyed very much meeting and interviewing Gabor. It is always really inspiring to meet someone who has had such a challenging path and in spite of so many obstacles, is able to find peace and wisdom and finally start to rest in the ground of being. I felt that with Gabor.”

Iain McNay
Founder of Conscious.TV

“When I had the privilege to look into Gabor’s eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional Love. No story, no judgement, just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness.”

Stefan Hiene
Author, Spiritual Mentor & Coach

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