"I was sitting here after the class. I realized that the attacking thoughts were back. I immediately remembered what you (Gabor Harsanyi) said to do. Instead of responding by trying to pacify these emotions, I felt into the body and let them be there and didn't engage. I was amazed when I didn't respond or engage but kept my awareness on the body that the thing that was trying to attack me pulled out all the stops and all sorts of emotions came.

"I've never allowed myself to just be an observer not a participant so this experience was very startling to see just how this thing uses every trick it can to keep a person imprisoned. It felt like a child throwing a HUGE temper tantrum to get its way. I realized it had lost its strength and it left instantly just as it appeared instantly!

"I have gone to many therapists over many many years Dr.'s of all kinds because I was sick or injured. I just wanted to feel good and whole for once and not in a constant battle but to just be me without always feeling like I was being confronted inside and out.

"What a Great Gift you offer the world with the Awareness insight. Now instantly we can be free from the chains of the mind. It feels good to know I can have my power back all the time now.

"Thank you soooo much! I never thought that in my search to be free of this most perplexing problem that a couple who lives far away from me would have the answer. Wow thank you again I feel that I have the most special and precious gift anyone could possibly have I can't thank you enough.

"I might not be perfect in this by staying in it every second but I know that I have the most powerful tool to stay present in the body and don't have to go searching anymore. I love you both!"

Stacy Jesper, Singer

I enjoyed very much meeting and interviewing Gabor. It is always really inspiring to meet someone who has had such a challenging path and in spite of so many obstacles, is able to find peace and wisdom and finally start to rest in the ground of being. I felt that with Gabor.

Iain McNay, Founder of Conscious.TV

When I had the privilege to look into Gabor’s eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional Love. No story, no judgement, just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness.

Stefan Hiene, Author, Spiritual Mentor & Coach

Thank you, Gabor, for giving us the tools and context to know how and what to do and don't. All the best to you, readers. After having read Gabor's work, you somehow know what you need to know. And it's pretty... simple. Thank you so much !

Much love, Boudewijn

Boudewijn Zweerts, BSc, Founder of Sounds of Silence

I've known Gabor Harsanyi for over a year and I come away from each of his sessions feeling elated and expanded. It's such a pleasure, and he brings the best out of me... I experience my deepest nature in his presence. Gabor is a rare teacher, who transmits wisdom through laughter. He's totally down to earth and much like your next-door neighbor, except that he can cut through old conditioning and beliefs with radical precision.

His practices are clear and simple. For myself, spiritual talk that doesn't include tangible insights that can be applied to my own life, is not inspiring. Gabor goes beyond concepts and philosophy! This is his force, and he cuts through to the heart.

Pierre Richard, Musician

Nurit guided us through a journey… a very different kind of journey! It was as if we were riding with her on a MAGIC CARPET and she was showing us around and revealing her mystical world. As she was speaking she was shining in a way that only she could because it was obvious that she discovered the real TREASURE she had been looking for – HERE AND NOW!!! All her life she had been on a quest for LOVE and GOD.

Being under the tutelage and guidance of some of the biggest Guru’s in India and in Canada with unsatisfactory results, she finally found a Hungarian man (Gabor Harsanyi) and then almost instantly she GOT IT. This Hungarian Csendmester (master of silence) has been teaching this to us as well – don’t look for it outside because you will NEVER EVER find it there. LOVE OR GOD OR HEAVEN IS INSIDE!!!

Katalin Boldog, Spiritual Events Coordinator

Gabor, I was so frustrated and disillusioned until I saw your interviewed on BATGAP. Then I thought 'This is someone who might be able to help me!  I have watched hundreds of interviews but never contacted any of the teachers. They felt too far removed from my life. You are such a gift and I am so honored that you agreed to help me on my journey to awakening. I feel very lucky. I now look forward to reading your new book.

Colleen Hardie, Yoga Teacher

“For so long I have been searching for a path to enlightenment, that is feasible in our fast-paced lives in this 21st Century. The days of contemplating in the silence of a cave are obviously over. Where are those silent caves today? Even if we were to find one, there would most likely be at least three people in them, already sitting there, meditating on their sleeping bags ...

For quite some time, I felt that the only suitable path would be one that requires constant inner attention, and to live our everyday life with that attention. Therefore, I tried to be on the path of the Jesus Prayer, and later lived with the inner sound (Nada) for many years. I prayed to the Universe to send me a helper, a master who can guide me ...... as no one had real experiences with these methods. Some have read about them and tried to share their experiences with me. However, I constantly longed for a master who could teach this, from the light of enlightenment.

After 15 years, my unspoken prayers were answered, when I met Gabor. At the first moment, I knew that he taught exactly what I had been waiting for: the continuity of presence, in a simple, practical, playful and surprising way.

Having read all spiritual literature from A to Z, I arrogantly thought that no one could teach me anything new. However, now I spend many hours with Gabor, and I am constantly filled with new and significant realizations, surprises and joy.

What he says is new, different, fresh and exhilarating! When we finish a session, I can hardly wait for the next opportunity to meet him. Every sentence is so important, that I never have time to ask about his personal life. I just drink the timeless knowledge that emanates from him.

Gabor can perfectly guide anyone on this pathless-path, until the recognition dawns that all the necessary paths have already been roamed, and there is only one more step to take!

György Liptovszky, Strategic Director

Simplicity! That was the word that gripped my heart and interrupted my mind, when I heard Gabor's speech in a public session. Even in my work as a computer programmer, I realized that the most sophisticated programs that actually work well, are simple. In private sessions with Gabor, I truly experienced that his "teachings" and "exercises" are really simple and easy, IF one is humble and "flexible" enough to follow.

I have stopped all my readings about esoteric and religious topics long ago. I have yearned to experience the truth that all those books talk about.

Interestingly, in the past, I had always degraded my body and considered it to be insignificant. However, with Gabor's help, I now know that the body is not my enemy; it is the “gate”. My search is finally over! I realize that Gabor’s teachings are what I had been looking for. After my first private session with Gabor I experienced the "aliveness" and the depth of his teachings. We were sitting in a coffee shop, and suddenly, the sounds around me changed and I felt an indescribable calm without any thoughts.

There are no words to express this state, but I recognized immediately that this is the root of existence. It was not a trans state. I was totally aware of my surroundings and I was able to act much more efficiently when it was needed. My speech became slower, deeper and fuller, as well as more precise and filled with the “force” (a la Star Wars!).

After my initial realization, I became aware of the importance of integration, which is an essential part of Gabor's teachings. Gabor is not an advocate of becoming a hermit, who lives in a monastery. On the contrary! He urges one to continue living one’s life with family and job. I learned too, that in the integration phase, it is up to me to apply my free will, my birthright. The keys that I now know and have adopted are: applying the free will, listening to my inner self through my body that is deeply connected with the root of existence, and caressing the moment.

Andras Petz, Computer Programmer

I was not at the beginning of my “spiritual” journey, when Grace brought me to the Hungarian Master of Silence - Gabor Harsanyi. On the contrary. I had encountered two masters before – a transcendental meditation (TM) teacher and a shaman. During this time, I had various experiences and I also began dealing with illness, pain and weakness in the body, which has been going on for about 30 years, even though all my medical check-ups showed that everything was fine.

I was fed up with life and was having negative and depressing thoughts of illness, while a part of me was still able to bear this with acceptance. I call this the “deadlock phase” of my journey, before meeting Gabor.

My former master has endowed me with a warrior spirit and an enduring spirit. He instilled in me the understanding that, “All that happens is your doing… your programming. There is no one to help you but yourself, and you do this through acceptance and forgiveness.” Thus, in this “deadlock phase”, I did not go seeking for help, but rather prayed for months to my soul, to either activate my inner Master to take me out of this unbearable phase - or to bring me a new master who would continue to guide me from this point.

Well, my prayer was answered! One day, among the many spiritual teachers I was listening to on a daily basis, I was instantly drawn to Gabor, after hearing Nurit’s (Gabor’s wife) story about him. I watched several of Gabor’s videos. I immediately decided to write to him and start one-on-one sessions. As I write this testimonial, I see that I have gotten out of the ‘deadlock phase,’ and I owe this to Gabor’s guidance. What was the magic of Gabor?

For the 1st time in my spiritual journey, I’ve received some clear “tools”! These were not meditation or mantra repetition, which I have grown tired of, and which did not help me during my problem phase. These new “tools” enabled me to cope with the pain and pressure and, oddly enough, be happy when those occurred.

Gabor has passed this information to me in a very precise, clear and gentle manner. He should be called not only the Master of Silence, but also the Master of Precision.  Listening to him and following his guidance, pain was no longer an “enemy”, or something you have to endure as a sacrifice, but rather as “your baby”- as Gabor says – “that should be welcomed, embraced, listened to, rocked and loved.”

This tool was instantly embraced and recognized as true by my whole being. I feel it was a sort of “transmission” - beyond the mere words - that comes from a true master. I must say, that with this master, my picky and very critical mind was left with nothing to comment on in the face of these obvious results. It was reduced to silence.

The 2nd tool was the focusing of attention in the body. Again, this came with instant results of calmness, silence of the body and mind and ‘moment to moment-ness’.

Gabor listens with immense patience, respect and non-judgment to any nonsense one may utter to him. He clearly has the gift/power to identify any problem underneath or behind the words and come up with the exact guidance that is needed at the moment for that person. He knows what one’s biggest weakness/shadow/challenge is that must be faced, and when it comes to guidance, he never imposes or forces anything. He really does not have to, since you end up doing it anyway, by recognizing the truth behind his teachings.

Only a true master, a person who has crossed the path and has realized the truth, can impact others – without boasting, without forcing, with simple and precise words and with mere silence. This describes Gabor, even though the words are mere pointers and not the reality itself.

Another possible “name” for Gabor is the “Fine-tuning Master”. As one’s experience unfolds by integrating Gabor’s teachings, one gets from him exactly the very thing/explanation/words that one needs to ‘perfect’ one’s experience. This is the very polishing you need to make sure, once more, that you got it right. 

To sum up:  Among the masters on my path, Gabor came along to do the refined work.

His teachings are invaluable to me! He has pulled me from a hollow place, where I was sitting as a victim of bodily pain and depression and showed me the power inside. He led me to unleash it and feel complete. He enabled me to live what before was a mere statement - that all we need is inside us. The world is the same, but I look at it differently. Nature, and especially the trees, are my friends and gentle presences, that are perceived without the filter of the mind.