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Gabor Harsanyi Weekly Satsang

From time to time Gabor Harsanyi offers online Q&A sessions to answer questions related to awakening and transformation.

*** The next online Q&A session with Gabor will take place in September. Date TBA.

Gabor's Teachings are transformational in nature. They are not another spiritual event to fill your head with spiritual concepts. This is an actual activation of the part of you that has been waiting to be awakened to your original BEING.

There are many misconceptions these days about awakening, non-duality, spirituality, etc. Feel free to bring your questions to this Q&A session with Gabor. He will bring about the necessary clarity, which will be presented at a targeted level of consciousness that promotes easy access to inner silence... the HOME of unconditional love.

These sessions are open to everyone. Please share with your friends.

Click on the button below to join the orientation. You may join the meeting 5 minutes before it starts. Please be on time as latecomers are disruptive to the group.

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The event will be on Zoom, which is to use. When you click on the link to join the meeting, you will need to install the Zoom software if you haven't used it before, or you can download Zoom beforehand. There is a video guide to using Zoom. You can also join the talk on a normal phone by calling +44 (0) 20 3695 0088 (for the UK) and entering in the Meeting ID: 631 434 591. If you wish to join the meeting by phone from another country, please refer to this guide that gives a list of international numbers to call.






A four-level course for those who are serious about awakening and wish to be on a fast track program to awakening and mastery and to create a better and more enlightened life.

A road map for a quick and effortless pathless path to awakening.

Registration for "Level One", starting on Sept 8th, has just begun! 

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Első szint magyarul - szeptember 7-én kezdődik. További információ link https://www.gaborharsanyi.com/magyar



- "Gabor, your sincerity, deep authenticity and love in speaking creates such a safe place to open to and relax into. Your pointings get directly to the point and show us the possibility of living from this level. I am so thrilled to have found you on this path – you have touched my heart deeply and I really thank you for these courses!!!!  I am very committed to working with you on this journey and appreciate your guidance! The sessions are very powerful, sincere and deeply moving encounters that reverberate still! I feel as if there is space opening, less constriction within (if this makes any sense). There is also a beautiful synergy with your book and it works well to reinforce what you’re pointing to in our classes.

- "Gabor has given us a key that allows us to be okay with doing the best that we can in each given moment - even when our mind says we could have down better.  We know that the key is to keep on going into Being/inner body, relaxing, embracing what comes, continuing to do our best with this moment and this moment and so on and so on.  Each momentary optimum is as it is and as we continue with inviting our practice into our everyday life we will continue to open and go deeper into Love." Carolyn