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It has been a long "Two Weeks" (almost 2 years!) filled with division, cross roads, ups and downs and confusion. Where else can we find the simplicity of peace but within that precious perfect part of each one of us?

You are all welcome to join us for a delightful Q&A session hosted by Gabor Harsanyi, who will be answering our questions and guiding us on a targeted level of consciousness that promotes easy access to inner silence... the HOME of unconditional love.

This 1-hour event will take place on Zoom on Sunday, Dec 12, at 7 pm Budapest time (6 pm UK time, 1 pm New York time, 10 am LA time)

Gabor's Teachings are transformational in nature. They are not another spiritual event to fill our heads with spiritual concepts. This is an actual activation of the part of us that has been waiting to be awakened to our original BEING.

There are many misconceptions these days about awakening, non-duality, spirituality, etc. Feel free to bring your questions to this Q&A session with Gabor. He will bring about the necessary clarity to dispel the programming and manipulation that has crippled mankind for centuries.

This event is open to everyone. Please share with your friends.

Click on the button below to join. You may join the meeting 5 minutes before it starts. Please be on time as latecomers are disruptive to the group.

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This event is free of charge, however, donations accepted.