Upcoming Events


Nurit will be hosting bi-weekly one-hour online  "Practice Support" sessions for anyone who wishes to enhance his/her practice. We will be practicing speaking and listening from the activated platform, sharing what we have gleaned from our practice and clarifying any questions that come up. These session are for those who have been taking Gabor's courses or have had private sessions with him. To receive the zoom link for this session, please write to info@gaborharsanyi.com.

The first session will take place on Saturday, December 21, at 6pm Budapest time; 5 pm UK time; 9 am PST; 12 pm NY time. 

"When I came to Gabor (9 years ago) I had way too much spiritual baggage and for a while I was placing what I learned from Gabor on top of my already learned stuff, not realizing that what I had learned before were spiritual misconceptions. I had a lot of seepage from outdated teachings and I have come to see that my previous learnings were not a preparation, but rather a hindrance to actual activation. It has taken a lot of long conversations, practice, corrections and feedback from Gabor to see this and to get unstuck. 

"I have seen all the ways that the contrast mind fights to get us back into its grip and now I see others in some of Gabor's classes dealing with the same battles. I am so grateful for all the help I got from Gabor and it is my hope and intention that these Practice Support sessions will provide the kind of assistance, motivation and feedback that is so essential." Nurit