Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted
by Gabor Harsanyi with co-author Nurit Oren

"This book is a goldmine of liberating hints and is a must read for anyone who is searching for guidance in this jungle of misleading information. I am simply delighted, I find the expressions and metaphors beautifully enlightening and simply helpful to anyone who wishes to escape from the slavery that we have been conditioned to believe to be freedom. I am overwhelmed by the beauty, clarity and thoroughness of this work. In short, I have not read anything in this book thot I could not sign. In love, Samarpan"

Satsang Teacher, Public Speaker

"Stunningly effective! This is a 'God-Book' that should be read several times.”

Bill Cael
International Teacher and Healer, Founder of Soundbody Int.

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"I have just finished reading the book 'Functional SIience: De-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted' and I loved it for its simplicity, wisdom of direction and very sound pointers. I have known Gabor Harsanyi for many years and when I left Toronto in 1984 he was still a seeker. When I watched him years later on U.K. Conscious TV I saw a man who had found himself. Gabor wrote in this book 'As the creator, would you make the road difficult for your children to return Home?' In like manner, Gabor's book is designed to open the eyes to the possibility of a new way of seeing the simplicity and obviousness of the reality of life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about waking up to the truth of Being. Thank you Nurit and Gabor for this privilege. love, Burt"

Burt Harding
Author, Spiritual teacher, Founder of Awareness Foundation


“BEST BOOK EVER! How much money and YEARS I have spent on books, satsangs, travels to India and other countries is considerable. However, dear Master Gabor, I have to say, “better later than never” to have found you. I suppose, all these years, time was “still pleasantly wasted”, at least now you were at the end of the rainbow!”



“Excellent, full of insight and witty. Expressed with a touch of genius, playfulness and a depth of compassionate simplicity, this book pioneers the field of evolution of the human psyche out of conditioning and into a deeper direct experience of consciousness and life. It's humble, clear and witty, all of service to the message of spiritual awakening.”

Georgi Y. Johnson
Nondual Teacher and Therapist, Author of “I AM HERE” and “Nondual Therapy: The Psychology of Awakening”


“A refreshing and original perspective! I was first introduced to Gabor Harsanyi through his interviews on Buddha at the Gas Pump and Conscious.TV. After two decades of studying various spiritual traditions and self-help modalities, the simplicity of Gabor’s approach, to become free of our thoughts, appealed to me. I've been seeking the root of spirituality in a quest to know who I am and how to live a full, unbounded life but have gotten lost amid dogma, intellectuality, and obfuscation.

Functional Silence presents a reasoned and original explanation for those interested in awakening. I've never read a book quite like this. It offers unique metaphors that bypass the well-trodden explanations about awakening. I especially appreciated the reminders placed throughout admonishing that nothing is to be held too dearly—that the words are only a vehicle for a greater end that words can't touch.”

Jennifer Yankopolus
Author and Owner of Word Collaborative


A Few Chapter Titles:

  • It’s Not Rocket Science
  • Waiting for Our Turn... or Claiming our Birthright
  • The Sword of Transformation
  • My Existential Shake-up
  • First Hand or Hand-me-down Reality
  • Who Left the Key in the Gate?
  • Is the World Still Flat?
  • From Intellectuality to Intelligence 
  • Bread Crumbs to Find Our Way HOME
  • Relationships -Coagulated Misery or Fast-track to Awakening
  • To Bee or Not to Bee
  • We no Longer Need to Wait for a Tragedy
  • The Mirage on the Other Side of the Fence

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by Nurit Oren

“Nurit’s book conveys such an important message. Everyone should read it. Immediately after reading it, I invited Nurit to be one of the 17 speakers at the “Soul Conference” in Budapest, in October 2015.

“This book is the story of Nurit’s 40 years of intense spiritual seeking in several countries and with many teachers; the mistakes, the pitfalls and the elusive bliss along the way and, finally, spiritual finding and truths revealed! She holds nothing back. Her entire life is packed into those pages, including how her life changed forever after meeting Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi. Since Nurit’s book depicts such a clear understanding and perception of Gabor’s teachings, I have requested Gabor to be the Keynote speaker at this conference.”

Dr. Eva Pap
Conference Director and Organizer

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"It is always interesting to read adventure stories, and Nurit's book is certainly that! Spanning more than 40 years of intense spiritual seeking — in countries throughout the world and with many teachers — she candidly reports on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Ultimately, we learn that Nurit finds what she has been looking for. It turns out it was right there, inside her, the entire time. She tells of the pitfalls and dead ends of spiritual seeking with raw vulnerability and honesty, and she equally tells of her delight in finding what she so rigorously sought for decades."

Robert Rabbin
Author, Speaker, Creator Of "Speaking Truthfully" And "The 5 Principles of Authentic Living"


"The adventures in Nurit's life are both fascinating as well as enlightening. There is much one can learn from her experience. Having met Gabor and having experienced the peace he exudes and teaches, I can see how she finally found the answers to her quest through him."

Dr. Zoltán Szabó
Former Deputy Director-General Of The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service


“To a novice stepping foot into the spiritual world, there is an expectation that it is the only road that leads out of the reality of suffering and that provides answers to life’s fundamental questions, and ultimately helps us find God. So what do you suppose would be the outlook of one who has lived most of her life in this spiritual world? For 40 years, Nurit longed to reach God’s love and for this reason she followed Gurus and spiritual teachings with tremendous faith. We could refer to this book as a “debunking,” but I would rather call this a very pure and committed person’s entertaining and engaging spiritual autobiography, one which displays the day-to-day happenings of ashram life and the tedious steps on a so-called spiritual career. With the help of “silent love” and through the suffering and realization of her soul, Nurit finally saw through the spiritual world’s greatest con job.”

Illés Sarolta
Author, Journalist, Creator of “Goldspirit”


“I read your book from beginning to end and can't remember laughing out loud and so hard, ever!  Congratulations! This book had to be written and you walked beautifully through the mine fields. Your narrative is extremely visual as well as hysterical. Your personal revelations endear you to your reader as well as invite him to check out his own perspective. This was a most important endeavor and will open many eyes.”

Barbara Whiting Young
Managing Director of Robert A. Young & Associates


“Nurit's book is a book of an interesting, entertaining and at the same time thought provoking adventures. It is a true life story of a person who is seeking her birthright. This is definitely a book for those who are looking for enlightenment on their spiritual path no matter whether they are at the beginning of their own search or somewhere on that road. This is not another boring spiritual book, but an entertaining and, on occasion, laugh out loud journey in life. This book should be and deserves to be translated into many languages.”

Vanda Toth
Language Professor at Semmelweis University


"This book should be translated into every language and published immediately! It is remarkable in its message and delivery. I read it in one sitting and was amazed at its clarity and wisdom."

Iby Duba
Cosmic Troubadour and Language Specialist


"This is an exceptionally good book. Not only does it carry a very deep and important message, but it is also very well written and pulls you in. I hope everyone gets to read it."

Steve Szocs


“An intriguing story - and cautionary tale on the pitfalls of being 'spiritual'. Highly recommended as a companion to the compelling talks by Nurit Oren and Gabor Harsanyi on

D. Hope


“I came to Nurit’s book after reading Functional Silence by Gabor Harsanyi. Nurit gives an honest look into her spiritual search of many decades that ended when she met Gabor. She courageously gives readers a look into her journey and tells of the pitfalls of the spiritual path that she encountered along the way. So much of spirituality is roses and unicorns clouded by complexity. I appreciate Nurit’s ability and willingness to lay it all bare for others to benefit from. The book ends with an overview of Gabor’s approach and a clear explanation of the true point of spirituality, making a nice dovetail with his book.”

Jennifer Yankopolus
Author and Owner of Word Collaborative


A Few Chapter Titles:

  • Born to Be Wild
  • From Nature to Syphilization
  • Where There Is a Will, There Are Opposing Friends and Relatives
  • My First Steps on the Dead-End Spiritual Road
  • Why Are Non-Spiritual People So Much Nicer?
  • The Wheels on the Spiritual Bus Go Round And Round
  • Kundalini Awakening: The End of My Spiritual Virginity
  • From the Heat of India to the Frying Pan of USA, in a New York Minute
  • Getting Lost in Mind-Based Intellectual Orgies
  • How Long Is the Now?
  • A Problem Is Not God’s Way of Pissing You Off
  • Time to Get Out Of The Pigpen
  • So, I Am Present. So Now What?

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The Feminine Principle: The Key to Awakening for Men and Women
by Nurit Oren

This book is a guide for men and women on using the feminine-like nature we all have for the final stages of awakening. Nurit has a way of bringing the reader into the depth of what she herself has realized. She offers insights into her own journey of discovery to provide guidance for seekers that are trapped in the repetitious cycle of the Mind and who wish to transcend to a new level of being. She also includes excepts from the Satsangs, lectures and interviews of Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi.

The book offers wisdom of the sort that comes out of real life experience, demonstrating that understanding is available to us at whatever level one is willing to take it in. It gets into the nitty-gritty of accessing the feminine principle, and clearly points out how imperative it is to activate this principle if we wish to reach our full potential and awaken on a personal as well as global level.

Here we find a delightful balance of all the ingredients that make for a good read, including the lighter side. At the same time, the reader is halted, spellbound, wishing to savor a certain passage that conveys and contains rich texture, nuance, and depth to it.

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“Through her writing, Nurit has a way of bringing the reader into the depth of what she herself has realized. Everything is fair game, and no topic is too taboo for her to pick apart or dive into. She is sincere almost to a fault, and her humor and honest self-assessment makes for a romping good read.  While carrying the reader along a river in a sort of merry way, the book offers wisdom of the sort that comes out of real life experience, demonstrating that understanding is available to us at whatever level one is willing to take it in. This is the gift of Nurit’s writing. From what I can tell, it is an intrinsic part of who she is: open, honest, wise, full of heart and at times just plain frankly funny.

“Both Nurit and her husband, Gabor, are dedicated to assisting the sincere reader in the return Home. This is where we all meet in Truth, where individuality opens up to a larger connected whole where pure possibility lives.”

Susanne Marie, Spiritual Mentor


"I just finished devouring your book The Feminine Principle. What a gem....I couldn't put it down!!! It's well written, interesting to read and frankly points to what you write about...Awakening (this is no small task). It's filled with so many beautiful pointers containing Gabor's teaching of going within and the exercises are simple and immediately effective. What more can one ask for? I love your humor and straight forward manner. This is a must read for spiritual seekers, especially the spiritually exhausted (haha). It's a simple invitation to stop everything, tune inward and just notice what is already perfectly awake hidden under all human concepts, thoughts and endeavors."

Pierre Richard, Musician


“By stepping back from Mind, and sinking into one’s body, and going within, one can break the stranglehold Mind has on us and we can allow ourselves to experience life on a new level. Nurit offers insights into her own journey of discovery to provide guidance for seekers that are trapped in the repetitious cycle of the Mind and who wish to transcend to a new level of being.”

Stefan Verstappen, Author of A Masters Guide to The Way of the Warrior


"A great read. A welcome and needed message. Healing for people, planet and beyond!"

David Huskey, Poet of Living Present

A Few Chapter Titles:

  • A Guided Practice of Going Within & Re-proportioning the Attention
  • Dear Mind, Butt Out if You Know What’s Good for Me!
  • The Frank Sinatra Syndrome – “I Will Do It My Way”
  • Awakening is Not a Walk in the Park
  • Oh! So that’s What He Meant!
  • Hey Mind, Don’t be a Schmuck… Please Cooperate!
  • It’s Now or Never
  • Buddha and the Fly
  • Life is Our Seminar
  • The Kitchen Chair Exercise
  • The Magical Practice of Bypassing the Mind
  • Shifting Attention – Building the Muscle of Awareness
  • Noticing vs. Observing
  • The Princess and the BE
  • It Just Ain’t the Same No More…


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