Depression -The Unexplored Portal to Existence

Gabor has had suicidal depression for over 12 years as a result of which he has had a profound spiritual awakening. Since then he has developed many techniques and practices and he now teaches inner silence and helps people heal depression. His methods are not just another spiritual bandage. He provides a path at the end of which there is not only no more depression, but there is a huge gift that comes with it, called awakening into a new and elevated platform of living. 

Gabor says, “The good news is that with depression one is already aware of existence. Depression is already touching existence. Being aware of existence equals awakening. When a person is depressed, they are experiencing existence, but it is over-shadowed and polluted by the excrement of the fearful mind. Here the mind totally believes that ‘it’ only exists. The mind has reached its limit in false identity. The mind has formed a template that says that existence is shitty.

Knowing this, the solution for depression does not lie in curing depression. It lies in getting to know existence without the over-shadowing of the contrast mind. There is no other choice here but to go for awakening. One is forced into it. He/she is already in the space that is more conducive for awakening.

Most people try to cure depression by healing the overshadowing component. Doing that only and ignoring the hidden potential of this condition would be a mistake. This does not mean that one should not attempt to lighten the burden of this overshadowing by taking some medication. However, we don’t want to eliminate entirely this blessing in disguise. It is much better to use it consciously to become aware of existence.”