Functional Silence: de-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted - The New Book by Gabor Harsanyi

Gabor Harsanyi has just published his new book: Functional Silence: de-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted. This is a practical guide on awakening and will be invaluable reading if you're thinking of going on any courses or retreats with Gabor.

Here are some of the reviews for the book:

"This book is a goldmine of liberating hints and is a must read for anyone who is searching for guidance in this jungle of misleading information. I am simply delighted, I find the expressions and metaphors beautifully enlightening and simply helpful to anyone who wishes to escape from the slavery that we have been conditioned to believe to be freedom. I am overwhelmed by the beauty, clarity and thoroughness of this work. In short, I have not read anything in this book thot I could not sign. In love, Samarpan"

- Samarpan, satsang teacher, public speaker

"I have just finished reading the book 'Functional SIience: De-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted' and I loved it for its simplicity, wisdom of direction and very sound pointers. I have known Gabor Harsanyi for many years and when I left Toronto in 1984 he was still a seeker. When I watched him years later on U.K. Conscious TV I saw a man who had found himself. Gabor wrote in this book 'As the creator, would you make the road difficult for your children to return Home?' In like manner, Gabor's book is designed to open the eyes to the possibility of a new way of seeing the simplicity and obviousness of the reality of life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about waking up to the truth of Being. Thank you Nurit and Gabor for this privilege. love, Burt"

- Burt Harding, author, spiritual teacher, founder of Awareness Foundation

"I enjoyed very much meeting and interviewing Gabor. It is always really inspiring to meet someone who has had such a challenging path and in spite of so many obstacles, is able to find peace and wisdom and finally start to rest in the ground of being. I felt that with Gabor."

- lain McNay, founder of Conscious.TV

"When I had the privilege of looking into Gabor's eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child, the eyes of innocence. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional love. No story, no judgment just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness."

- Stefan Hlene, author, spiritual mentor and coach

"Stunningly effective! This is a 'God-Book' that should be read several rimes.”

- BIii Cael, International teacher and healer, founder of Soundbody Int.

You can purchase Functional Silence from Amazon.