How to Stay in the NOW? - Q & A with Nurit

Question: This presence doesn’t stay. I come in and out of it. How to stay in the NOW?

Nurit: I used to ask the same question. I had to come to the understandings that “presence” or the “NOW”, as such, do not really exist. Those are spiritual concepts that have been invented by the contrast mind. The only reason that presence seems to exist as a concept is because the past and future exist. Remove past and future and there is no present or “NOW”. I realized that what I was looking for is not in time, and the “here and now” are time-based expressions.

Knowing and actually “getting” this very clearly, I proceeded to do what Gabor suggests - activating within me what we call “angular reality” - the space we BE in when we leap in an angle out of the horizontal realm of duality, or what we call the “contrast reality” (where everything exists in relation to or in contrast with everything else).

It was interesting for me to notice that “angular reality” is not only NOT time-based, but it is also NOT a frequency or a resonance-based reality. Once I got very clear on this and adopted the techniques that Gabor teaches, I started to sense something very different. I realized that what I was sensing is in fact what we call “angular reality.” When that reality is activated within me, it feels like a whole new door opens up to me. It feels very different from the “mind-calm” that I used to experience when I was meditating.

So back to you question - the “peaceful state of mind” that I had experienced - sometimes for days - was not the kind of presence that I was looking for. Therefore, using mind calming methods to stay in the so-called “NOW”, did not work. To stay “activated” in “angular reality” requires angular tools. As soon as I learned those tools and became absolutely clear on the difference between a calm mind and BEING in angular reality, I was able to successfully keep myself in that space of BEING. In this space, peace is a natural side benefit, but it is not the same as the fleeting time-based, mind-based, state of mind. The angular calm is permanent and requires a whole different set of tools. And that is how I have come to switch from mind-calm to “Bodily Angular Reality.”

Question: That is really interesting. It’s like a whole new concept, isn’t it?

Nurit: Yes, it seems like a new concept since, in my experience, I have not heard anyone talk about this before. However, in my 40 years (yikes!) of being on this path, I have found that it’s the only thing that works permanently and independent of proof or verification from the mind. It cannot be gotten via transmission, but the skill to activate this can be taught. This is what Gabor has been teaching in his courses.

I can’t tell what a delight it has been for me to finally be able to activate my own BEING and not have to rely on someone else’s “presence” or get bedazzled by someone else’s ability to wax poetically or bring about a healing – all of which, I have come to see through trial and great error, were not the signs of one who was able to teach how to find my own Self Actualization.