Unconditional Love

Question: You recently said: “The enemy of unconditional love is the concept of unconditional love”. In my opinion, it's not really the CONCEPT of unconditional love that's the ENEMY, but our arbitrary interpretation of it. The meaning of "concept" is to grasp or to take in and hold. Without perception (taking in) and attention/observation (holding) we would be spiritually/intellectually doomed. Perhaps, this is what you meant?

Gabor: First of all, we are talking about a subject that has no established vocabulary and definitions that people agree upon. Words and expressions are in duality and the realm we are attempting to activate, and experience is not in duality.

I call that realm “angular reality” since it already exists (we can't look for it) within us, but it is in an angle to our time-based reality/existence. Anything in angular reality is a “feeling-like” experience (rather than spiritual/intellectual). At this point, the mind would want to identify this feeling and create a sentence, an expression or a word for it, and that would be inherently inaccurate. That word or expression would be stored in the mind under “contrast reality” (which is the duality realm where something only exists in comparison to something else, for example - this is tall because it is not short).

So, for example, when we actually experience the unifying feeling of love in the body, the mind would attempt to label it as unconditional love and store it under the concept called “unconditional love” in the duality-based contrast reality storage.

So, let's say that you are talking to someone and the words “unconditional love” come up. The mind would immediately access the concept of unconditional love that is stored in its comparing domain and prevent the actual experience necessary of 'feeling' unconditional love. Since the contrast mind is our default reality, most people in their spiritual learning/seeking are satisfied with the memory of unconditional love by accessing the concept of it.

Hence, the expression, “The enemy of unconditional love is the concept of unconditional love”… or I could say, perhaps even more accurately, “The enemy of unconditional love is the conceptualization of it.”