Gabor Harsanyi: The Meaning of Life – A Never Ending Revelation 



Excellence Reporter: Mr. Harsanyi, what is the meaning of life?

Gabor Harsanyi: To answer this question in the most loving way… without making anything right or wrong, I refer to a quote from my book “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted”

“Bees love to fly from flower to flower drinking their nectar. To them, this is what life is about. However, their real purpose is to cross-pollinate those flowers. Without those bees and their crosspollinating service, we would lose much of our vegetation, and eventually, our lives. Sometimes, life has a different intention than the one we are able to see.”

So, what a person thinks the meaning of life is, is not necessarily the REAL meaning of life. And most importantly, let that be OK. Let’s not attempt to nail down an intellectual answer. Let’s allow this question to remain as an open and unknown variable. Let’s allow the meaning of life to reveal itself to us moment to moment. It will naturally keep changing, shifting and evolving depending on the consciousness of the one posing this question. Accepting fully that the meaning of life is an ever-shifting variable is what brings peace and well-being. 

At this point the mind that has just read these words may be asking… and rightfully so… “How on earth can I be ok with not knowing the answer to the most important and burning question about life? How can I be at peace with an unknown, when my very existence as a ‘mind’ is to question and search for answers?”

Well, the good news is that there is a way to disarm the questioning mind and allow it to rest and surrender its infatuation with having to figure everything out. Thus, freeing it of excessive spiritual confusion. 

This is not only simple, but believe it or not, it is our birthright. What is required is to re-activate that part of us that is absolutely perfect right now. No improvements or behavior modifications are required for this. All that is needed is the development of a skill that unites us automatically with our inherent universal intelligence. Once this skill is acquired, all else falls into place, including the ability to flow with life in such a way that we actually “live” its meaning (rather than merely understand it intellectually) as it is made crystal clear to us moment to moment.

We may not be able:

  • to adequately answer “what is the meaning of life”; 
  • to understand “what is the meaning of life”;
  • to name “what is the meaning of life”;
  • to evaluate “what is the meaning of life”;
  • to conjecture “what is the meaning of life”;
  • or to analyze “what is the meaning of life”; 


In conclusion, the meaning of life is the REALIZATION that we cannot articulate it, but we can LIVE it.