NOT Russia, NOT Ukraine, NOT the Nazis, NOT the patriots, NOT NATO, NOT the UN, NOT the Middle East, NOT EVEN America, the so-called land of the FREE???!!!

  • It is NOT about the Left vs. the Right.
  • It is NOT about democrats vs. republicans.
  • It is NOT about Prince Harry vs. King Charles.
  • It is NOT about the vaxxed vs. the non-vaxxed.
  • It is NOT about Biden vs. Trump.
  • It is NOT about religion vs. mainstream spirituality.
  • It is NOT about gay vs. straight.
  • It is NOT about feminism vs. masculinity.
  • It is NOT about my truth vs. your truth.
  • It is NOT about veganism vs. Paleo.
  • It is NOT about blacks vs. whites.
  • It is NOT about Arabs vs. Jews.
  • It is NOT about awakening vs. woke.
  • It is NOT about the head vs. the heart.



The human mind has taken over and has been taken over through programming. What was meant to serve us has become a tyrannical ruler, and we wonder why there is so much division and inability to resolve world issues from the smallest to the largest… leading us fast and furious to mass destruction.

In the name of spirituality, the mind is offering us comforting bandages such as concepts, affirmation, retreats, meditation, self-improvement - anything to keep us busy and distracted, thinking we are getting somewhere while remaining cocooned in the comfort of our familiar mental environment.  It has made us so programmable that we believe anything we “resonate” with, not realizing that “resonance” is in the mind – another term for comfort zone – and unable to see that hidden within us is the conscious perfection that is the source of all creation and all solutions.

“Oh, yeah! The conscious perfection within!” we say. “I have heard of that!”

Sure! That too we know, but  ONLY as a concept. Conceptual information has been written about that at infinitum by scholars, researchers, pundits and decorated spiritual authorities. Unfortunately however, having been lulled onto a  deep sleep by relying on information from “others” (especially those who have many followers),  we have lost the ability to have our own experience of this most magnificent treasure and we block our way of finding it by endless seeking with a mind that can never comprehend it.